Secure composite front doors in a range of stylish designs from Pavilion Glass in Worthing

Although we rarely consider them the centrepiece of our property, doors are actually an immensely important part of our homes. The front door is the first thing someone will notice when they come to your house. Making the correct door choice can make an unbelievable difference to the look, and feel of your property. So when it comes to installing a new one, it is vital to call in an expert that you can trust. That’s where Pavilion Glass Ltd come in.

Quality composite external doors

A composite external door is an innovative design which takes the traditional, classy look of an authentic timber door, but eliminates all the drawbacks. Painting, weathering, warming, draughts? That’s not an issue with our composite front doors. Using high-quality laminated timber and high density expanded polystyrene, we manufacture our composite doors to have all the charm of timber – with all the benefits of modern technology. The door is finished with a high-impact thermoplastic which is immensely energy-efficient and easy to maintain, as well as being completely secure.

The benefits of choosing a composite front door

  • Energy-saving. Watertight, weatherproof and highly secure, a composite door is equipped with thermal efficiency that is second to none. From lowering your energy bills to reducing your carbon footprint, it has a whole wealth of advantages for the planet.
  • Versatile. We can install composite doors in a wide variety of colours and finishes to reflect your individual personality. What is more, you won’t even have to re-paint them!
  • Built to last. Our composite doors are built using top-quality timber, so they are guaranteed to last far longer than a traditional timber door.
  • Composite doors are equipped with increased safety measures, making them extremely difficult to break into.

Our composite front doors are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Our different styles provide varying degrees of privacy, from a solid door to a more glazed option. With over 30 years’ experience installing doors for commercial and domestic clients, with Pavilion Glass Ltd you can be sure that your composite external door will be designed and fitted to the highest quality.

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Clay comp door

A composite external door has all the appeal of timber, with every modern benefit.

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