Fire and safety glass, supplied and installed in Worthing, West Sussex

At Pavilion Glass Ltd, we have a wealth of experience installing fire rated glass and fireproof glass in Worthing, West Sussex and East Sussex. Our speciality fireproof glass may look the same as un-rated window glass, but it carries a whole host of added security measures. These include heightened impact resistance and the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. Extensively tested and utterly durable, it is a vital way to protect your property in the case of an emergency.

Modern fireproof glass

We utilise transparent fire-resisting technology in our fire rated glass, making for a solution that is strong and secure without compromising on brightness or clarity. Needless to say, it is essential to have your fireproof glass installed by an approved and qualified expert; improper installation could compromise all of the security benefits. At Pavilion Glass Ltd, we have been successfully installing high-grade fireproof glass for a wide variety of domestic and commercial clients for over 30 years. Applications have included:

  • Fire doors and emergency exits
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Commercial and industrial premises
  • Transport infrastructure

Why is fire rated glass important?

If a fire breaks out in your building, having the wrong sort of glass installed can have enormous consequences. The intense heat will lead most safety glass to shatter immediately, creating further risk in what is already a very dangerous situation. What is more, normal glass is unable to prevent flames and smoke from spreading between rooms, meaning that the fire will be very difficult for you to contain once it has started.

Fire rated glass is specifically designed to provide you with a consistent level of protection should a fire break out within a building. In its tempered state, it is able to withstand high temperatures without smashing, as well as resisting the pressure of a fire hose or a heavy impact. Thicker than usual glass and much, much stronger, it also able to contain fires and prevent them from spreading.

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Glass emergency doors

Fireproof glass is an essential way to protect your property in the event of an emergency.

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